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The reason for battery price keep rising
Time:2017-06-28 Click:1041

Dear All clients,

since from last month, our Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries price increased 10% about, and the main reasons are as below,

1, Environmental protection storm;
Because of our serious pollution before in China, our government never gives up to control it, The government has maintained the sequence of "checking", "clearing" and "rectifying" of "disorganized" enterprises, and thoroughly overhauled the enterprises that did not meet the environmental assessment standards, especially some small factory pollute the river, and government is closing those small factory and clean up middle-big size regularly.

2, the shortage of lead;
Because smelting plant has pollution more serious than battery factory, and many factories have to stop for checking, it caused the raw material shortage (lead)

3, 1#PB Lead price increased;
The lead price today is RMB17750/ton for SMM 1#PB on 23th June.

4, Peak season coming;
With the July coming, the battery peak season (July to Nov. ) is coming, especially order from Middle East countries, they just finished their RAMADAM.

5, producing cost increased;
Now in China, no matter from the Labor cost, material cost or electricity cost in summer, all of these are increasing. And China has lost the advantages on this labor intensive industry.